June 26, 2024


Tor Odland

Growth, grit, and integrity: introducing Shermine Gotfredsen

We are pleased to announce that Shermine Gotfredsen has joined Sonair as our new Chief Commercial Officer. With extensive experience in the global robotics industry, Shermine brings a sophisticated understanding of market dynamics and a robust track record in leadership to our team.

Shermine's career includes key roles such as Global Sales Director at ROEQ and advisory positions at Nordbo Robotics. Her consultancy work through SG Service & Consultancy further reflects her broad expertise and dedication to the robotics industry. Her previous positions at Universal Robots and OnRobot have provided her with deep insights into product innovation and market development.

Originally from Singapore and now based in Denmark, Shermine brings a valuable international outlook paired with significant local experience. This combination is crucial for navigating global markets and developing strategic partnerships.

At Sonair, Shermine will use her nearly 15 years of experience in automation to develop our commercial strategies and go-to-market approaches. Renowned for her capabilities in developing new customer bases, stimulating business demand, and enhancing partner networks, she is well-prepared to elevate Sonair’s market position.

"Shermine is all about growth, grit, and integrity. She is committed to creating shared value for Sonair and our customers. We look forward to working closely with her," says Knut Sandven, CEO, Sonair.

Get in touch with Shermine at shermine.gotfredsen@sonair.com

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