April 10, 2024


Tor Odland

Exploring ultrasonic sensors with Solwr

Solwr develops innovative answers to challenges in logistics and retail. They offer a competitive combination of ERP software, integrations, automation, and robotics. Their Grab™ and Sort™ robots ingeniously automate picking and sorting processes in warehouse and retail environments.

We're working with Solwr to explore how the Sonair 3D ultrasonic sensor can contribute to making their robots safer, affordable and flexible.

"We are impressed by the technology and the unique opportunity Sonair gives us to offer mobile picking robots with next-generation operational safety solutions. We are really excited to start testing the Sonair 3D ultrasonic sensor on our robot in warehouses," says Olivier Roulet-Dubonnet, Solwr CTO.

Solwr, based in Ålesund in Norway, is on a mission to build scalable, sustainable, and integratable solutions. Recently, they introduced theirGrab picking robot to the UK market, targeting the key wholesalers in the food retail industry.

"Working with the dedicated folks at Solwr means engaging discussions and testing in real-world warehouse environments. We're jointly moving towards a future with safe human-robot coexistence - delivered by powerful, affordable, and efficient sensors," says Knut Sandven, CEO at Sonair.

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